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Owing to the fact that every month our reporters go to various places to be on location, I'd like to introduce our report to the readers through Interactive!

China Town across the ocean

With an interpretor, our first trip abroad. Look forward to it......

Equipment we used this time
The camera is the familiar FujiFilm DS-7. Battery life is a bit of a worry, but it's compact and light, so it's great for overseas. But the battery is a bit of a worry...
The mobile power pack is ..yes you know..the only one we have (laugh)..Power book 540c. It's equipped with the PCMCIA module and the SSFDC through the PC card adaptor can be directly read. This is so simple!!! A new model power book or a much lighter and more compact machine would be better, but the budget doesn't allow it. Is there anyone out there who would like to support us??
We intended to take the enpecs weather barometer handy GPS, but we didn't end up taking it. If you have one of these, I thought we could've used it if we lost our way. But it would have added to our luggage and ....'are you really going to take that to China?? You'd have to take a transformer!!'


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