18 October

We are just starting our trip to Shanghai from Shinjuku. The office is in Shinjuku, so we used the Narita Express, it's very handy, but so expensive...!!

Well it seems that the plane hasn't come. This kind of thing gets me nervous!! We won't be able to get to China. The photo is of a Chinese placing a bet waiting for the plane.

The plane has finally arrived. A very strange sort of Jumbo that has freight in the back section. Eventually the plane takes off more than 3 hours late, just past 8pm.

It took us about 40 mins from the Shanghai Airport to our hotel using an express train. Of course the express train was free. The car the guide arranged for us was a Chinese produced One Box. Even though it was a brand new car, it drove very well. We came to rely on this car and the driver very much. The photo is of the hotel lobby.

The hotel room. Quite nice, the TV was fixed with a satellite so we could see the Japanese election news. We didn't see one porno shop or the likes in town, but on the Japanese satellite broadcast, there were sex scenes without of course any cuts. Has China become a country without these sorts of problems??