19 October

The place we first visited was an amusement park, (Daikanen) about 2 hours from our hotel by car.

From the setting of the novel called 'kooruumu', you can dress up and take photos, but I really don't understand it.... they call this a theme park??.. Foreigners would definitely not call it one. It was a Saturday, so it was busy.

A place called 'shuusho'. I took an old type camera so photos from the digital camera were few and far between. In a place where the original 17th century chinese streets remain, there were no signs of foreigners. We had lunch in a food shop (manjunsakeya) and I really recommend it, delicious and clean.

A paddleboat for tourists going down the canal. We were able to hire it for 40 chinese currency. Fitting up to 8 people, an old lady at the head of the boat sang her lungs out for us.

Dinner was at a Shanghai Restaurant....lunch was nicer!

Amazing isn't it, it really is..Next to the hotel that did this, "Hard Rock Cafe" had been built.