21 October

Quite a large park in the suburbs. It seemed not many foreigners go to a park like this. There was a motor boat and also a paddle boat, we hired the one with the motor. Fitting 4 people, for 30 minutes it cost us 10 chinese currency. Because we were foreigners, we were charged double, but an old lady who came to be kind gave back the half later on. In Shanghai, most attractions charge foreigners double.

In the park, there was a lovely shop, but this shop was supposedly very good, so we went to it near the park named Show Ronpo.

We decided to order 5 things each, apparently people generally eat 20 things(8chinese currency). We ordered other things and oh so delicious!! The Show Ronpo's non-steamed dishes were 17 chinese currency for 40. The old ladies that had come from Shanghai (old age club?) were buying a lot. Apparently using about 20,000 Japenese-yen from their pension. Well I suppose that kind of lifestyle is very possible.

A back street of a town suburb. There wasn't that confused feeling what you feel in a town.

Most toilets were along these lines. There wasn't a door, and you had to step over the middle sewerage pipe. In tourist areas, there are western toilets, and it seems a trend that more of these places are changing to this style. However, in the suburbs it's not so, they are still time away. Maybe female travellers should be prepared for this!?!

A high class restaurant in Shanghai Town. Bottom right, nabe ingredients were out of this world!! Delicious!!