20 October

Breakfast was always at the same hotel (SHANGHAI LANSHENG HOTEL), so it generally was like this. It was a smorgasboard, so it meant you could eat what you wanted to. Everything you ate here was good.

During the morning I walked around near a lake downtown by myself and took pictures, all of them were on the old style camera, so if I have the opportunity I'll show them to you. The photo is of a live performance taken during lunchtime.

There was a computer exhibition, so I took a look. The photograph is of the location.

The scene of the location. Complete confusion and there were many junior and high school students there. Internet was widely advertised and I bought a mousepad for 2 chinese currency there.

Dinner in a restaurant called Chinki. This is a high class restaurant where the locals come to. Open 24 hours and even though it's expensive, it's popular that lines often form. It was wonderfully good!!

The night view of the Band.

At night we took a sightseeing trip for 2 hours.