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Internet Photo Competition 1997

Examination result announcement

"Internet Photo Competition" by which the second times in this year were counted was participation from South Korea, Mexico, Finland, Germany, Canada, the United States, Chili, Taiwan, South Africa, and variegated countries and became international abundant color event though decreased the application from Japan.
The first selection 20 works was done by the IPC1997 EXCO.
The final selection was done by photographer Hideki Fujii, Yoshihisa Tsuruta, and Kenji Higuchi.
The work is output with the printer PICTOROGRAPHIE3000 made of the Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. Limitedand the photograph exhibition of Tokyo Ginza is done by Fuji photo salon (May 30 - June 5).

PrizeArtist nameNationalityWork name
Grand PrizeFrancisco Mata RosasMexicodetenidos, quieto, clavado, playa
Compact Digital Camera ClassPaoPaoJapanstill -Hard work finished on the morning-
Fujifilm PrizeYuko AkiyamaJapan"x36" "x4" "x2"
IPMJ Reader's Grand Prize
Miura Printing Company Prize
Juhachiro TakadaJapan
(inhabit at U.S.A.)
Walking in Central Park
Internet Magazine PrizeChris WongTaiwanWilted
ActPlanNet,inc. PrizeWolfgang WiggersGermanytime

Nomination work not regrettably won

Application total 167 works (75 overseas works and Compact Digital Camera Class 21 works)

No.Artist nameWork name
02Victor MendiolaBelow the belt. Knock out
05Yoshifumi YokoyamaFar North Station -The rest for a moment-
06Tatsuo KigoAngel
09Takeyuki MoriokaLet's brake for a break.
10Satoshi MizusawaIsland
11Tomoki NakaeWalk
12Ichiro TanakaKyoto
13Touru NakuraStill of TOKYO
17Hang Joon KimCave in China.
18Lisa A. Johnstonwindow vision
19Mark KlemolaDesperately Trying To Put Nature Back In
20Michael Hesemann440g

There certainly is an Internet boom happening around the world !! However this is not the only reason that the 'Internet Photo Magazine Japan' will hold another competition 'Internet Photo Competion' again this year for works accepted through the Internet's E-mail.
Last year when 'The First Internet Photo Competition' was held, and we exposed prize winning works, the uniqueness of opening a photograph exhibition in a photo gallery with these works not only created a sensation in the digital world but also in the analogue world.
Is this really a photograph?
Works riding the digital wave and cresting throughout the world.
Having no boundaries means there is no discrimination.
There is no doubt that even the passion of the world's dark side can be expressed!
This year we have newly established a compact digital camera category.
Feel your way.

AkiraK (IPC 1997 Executive Committee Leader)


To discover and support outstanding photographers.


Photograph entries will be received by digital data through the Internet and the works of outstanding nature will receive prizes. Works will be shown on the Internet, they will be outputed by Fuji Film Co. Ltd.'s printer 'Pictoro graphy 3000' (the compact digital camera class will be exhibited on the monitor), and in addition they will also be part of a photography exhibition held at Tokyo Ginza's Fuji Photo Salon (space 3).


1 January
Starting date for works to be accepted
31 March Deadline for acception of works
15 April Nominated works from the first judging will be published in the IPMJ and votes will be accepted from readers
30 April Deadline for reader's votes and Final selection by judges
30 May - 5 June Photograph Exhibition will take place at Tokyo Ginza's Fuji Photo Salon (Space 3) At the same time they will be shown on Internet and recorded on a CD-ROM that will come as a free bonus with the Internet Magazine

Theme of works


How do you interpret things? You are very welcome to use your interpretation freely

Form of Applications

Individual photographs or a series of up to 4 photographs

Entry Period for Works

1 January 1997 - 31 March 1997 (Japan Time)

How to Enter

E-mail through the Internet. (each photograph having less than 100KB pressure per image)

Address for Entries

The work reception was completed.

Matters for Special Attention

*Professional, Amateur or Nationality are irrespective in this competition.
*Collective works by groups are permitted.
*Only unreleased and original works will be accepted.
*Copyrights belong to the entrants. If by any chance an infringement of the copyright is made and infringement compensation is sought, the organizer will not be liable and will accept no responsibility.
*The entry period for works is under Japan time.
*All entries to use Entry paper.
*Entry paper is in the IPMJ
*Photographs are permitted to be manipulated in any way but, please state clearly the software used.
*The works in the compact digital camera category must be taken with cameras with a regular price of less than 150,000 Yen (US$1,300).
*Individual photographs or a series of 4 or less photographs can be entered.
*Entered data must have less than 100KB per photograph.
*Prize winning works will be outputed on Pictorography 3000 so please make sure to send extremely clear data through e-mail. (excluding the Compact Digital Camera Category)
*Works from the Compact Digital Camera Category will be displayed in the Photographic Exhibition Hall and exhibited on the monitor screen.
*All queries regarding this event to be made to akirak@apn.co.jp

How selection will be made

The IPC 1997 Executive Committee Leader will do the preliminary judging and nominated works will be selected.
Judges will be Photographers Mr Hideki Fujii, Mr Kenji Higuchi and Mr Yoshihisa Tsuruta.
Nominated works will be published in the IPMJ from 15 April 1997 and reader's votes will then be accepted.


Grand Prize US$1500
Runner-up Prize US$500
Compact Digital Camera Class US$500
IPMJ Reader's Grand Prize US$200
Fujifilm Prize US$200
Miura Printing Company Prize US$200
Internet Magazine Prize US$200
ActPlanNet,inc. Prize US$200

Exhibition Location and Dates

1 Fuji Photo Salon Tokyo (Space 3) 30 May 1997 - 5 June 1997
2F Sukiyabashi Centre Ginza 5-1 Chuo -ku Tokyo JAPAN Tel.03-3571-9411
2 Internet Photo Magazine Japan 30 May 1997 -
3 On the CD-ROM which will accompany the magazine published by Impress Co.Ltd.

Exhibited Works and Methods

All prize winning works will be exhibited by print. (excluding the Compact Camera Class)
Nominated works will be displayed on computer monitor.


Internet Photo Magazine Japan


Fuji Photographic Film Co. Ltd., Miura Printing Co. Ltd., Internet Magazine, ActPlanNet, inc.


IPC 1997 Executive Committee Leader

Any opinions or queries regarding this event to be made to akirak@apn.co.jp