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Summer of This Year

Since a small child
I have thought of myself as being alone
My Mother and Father were very kind but,
I still thought of myself as being alone....

Now from a place far away
from the place of my birth,
and far away in terms of time,
it maybe just how I feel.
Flustering around, in front of me
Days go very fast
This year's summer, it's almost over
Even if I go to the beach, swim, sunbathe
my friends no longer make an uproar

Maybe I'm a little tired
An adult's world is no fun
I can think back to those times
meeting various people
living life to the full
Now I want to fulfill my days
from when I first started thinking about this
moving from one thing to the next, it's moving too fast...
The diary I used to write in, somehow
I don't write in it anymore
I'd love to be like a pain of clear glass
The fun times, the sad times,
the angry times, the frustrating times,
when these were, why I had them,
it is just a haze, there's no recollection.

Living in this town
I can't let myself be got down by the hustle and bustle
I can't let people stop myself from growing
thinking these things, I am here

And again, I
catch up, be caught up with,
I'm sure to become someone...?


There are women who only play on men
and there are women who hate this
I'm not either of these
there's no point
you should be what you want
'why are you making fun of us like that?'
it's incorrigible!

It is very easy to call these people stupid
but even myself, I have many stupid parts to me
if I start explaining them, I won't be able to stop
I have had many stupid experiences

In the past, I had many of these
Ihated myself for these
living such a life of stupidity
I thought I would be better off in the dead
but now the living me
thinks back to those times with a very cute recollection....
When I first
realised these stupid times from the beginning of life
I thought it is best to live
I have got to the age where living is precious
I don't understand this totaly
maybe you can look at it both ways
but somehow it's terrible,
I keep on thinking these thoughts.

You say I'm cold
saying I'm sniggering inside
I'm still shocked and amazed
but a little envious, you
only those things about yourself, no questions
trying hard to be


A girl suddenly crouches down,
everyone is a little surprised
but nobody lends a hand
to the girl

A crowded summer train
around me, a terrible crampness,
being so close, not being able to move
but everyone's thoughts are very distant
from everyone else.
Bodies pressed together
the body temperatures spreading to other people
but the thoughts stay separate

the girl stays crouched down, not moving
as if they have seen something they don't want to
blankly reading their weeklys
shutting their eyes, old men, old ladies...
young people, old people....

MODEL: Wang Ying
Stylist: Zhao Qing
Hair & Make up: Noriko Sasaki