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Mr. Hideki Fujii has played an important role in the world of advertisement photography and ladies' portraits for many years. Recently he has published printed works on photo emulsion for Japanese paper.
Introducing the story of ' a photographer's life', a Mr. whose experience has extended over 40 years .

Editing Dept (Below is initialled Ed): I am looking forward to hearing your ( Doctor Hideki Fujii's) stories told of various photographs. In short, we have obtained assembled works of Mr. Hideki Fujii 'Life as a Photographer'.

Hideki Fujii (Below is Fujii): Actually an exhibition is planned for Nagoya in this October, and for this reason I'm in the middle of sorting out and separating my published photos into years.
There are plans that there will be a large photograph exhibition incorporating an appeal for Osaka, Kobe and natural disasters, and I'm thinking about doing a Hideki Fujii collection. So I was a little surprised and glad when I received this topic.

Ed: Thank you very much. Please collect materials on the.
Well, I would like to go back through the photograph life of Hideki Fujii, this time is the first time so I would like to talk about the opportunities and lucky breaks that you had when you first took up photography.

Fujii: There's quite a funny story that goes with early lucky breaks. It's a story of when I was at High School. A friend had a girl that he wanted to get to know, but he was too shy to ask her alone so it was decided that the three of us would go to the movies. At that time I was quite a flirt really! (Laugh)
A group of 3 - a cute young girl in a school sailor uniform and us in our uniforms. We first went Hibiya Park and walked around, took commemorative pictures, and then went to a movie theatre named 'Subaruza' which was in front of the Yurakucho station. I can't remember what the title was, but I do remember it was a science fiction movie that people from space came to earth. At the same time as the people from space said that they were going to drop a bomb on earth, there was a huge bang - the screen went pitch black and the staff came running in with fire extinguishers It seemed as if fire was being emitted () The movie theatre was made of cheap plastic, so the fire spread so quickly. There was huge panic in the place! Everyone ran for their lives. In the middle of this, I grabbed the camera we had used for the park photos from my friend and stood up on the chair and shot pictures of the fast-spreading burning interior. Not before long, a fireman came and carried me out, but I did take some various shots like the screen covered in flames etc.
The friends who we had gone with had escaped and gone somewhere else. (Laugh) However, while wondering what to do with the film that I had shot, I noticed that Asahi Newspaper Company was front of the movie theatre, and I remembered that a Newspaper company 'Sun Photograph Newspaper' was inside the Asahi Building, so I took it in there. I went to the Editing company in my school uniform and said "Excuse me, I took some pictures of Subaruza's fire." I was told to write down my name and address etc. and then went home.
However, when buying the Sun Photograph Newspaper from the local station's shop, I noticed that all the photos from page 1 to page 3 were mine! It had the headline of "The role of a City Press Photographer"
I received about 10 thousand yen I think!

Ed: @@Mr. Fujii, so you had an interest in photographs even in those days!

Fujii: No, it wasn't like that at all, in those times, my Mother wanted me to become Mr. Akiyama, and I didn't even own a camera then, so I really didn't think of becoming a photographer! But during school I became famous. When I took days off sick, people would often say "He's gone to another fire to shoot !", and I was often referred to as Photographer Fujii. There was nothing I could do about it, and for that reason I started photography. (Laugh)

Ed: Well, that was an amazing opportunity wasn't it!

That's all we have time for today, but thank you very much.
Next month I'm looking forward to hearing your stories of when you were an assistant.