Masato Hase
Ciba Univ.


The French Philosopher Berugeson who has played an important role from the C19th to the present, has a great work. It's called "Bushitsu to Kioku" translated by Tajima Setsuo, Hakusui Publishing, 2nd collection of all Berugeson works. And in this, there is an important article related to the photos.


It's an article that will shock you somewhat. Because even not having a camera, the photos exist themselves. The photos have developed conditions from here and there. Berugeson looks and comments on the world through photos. I htought at the start if this wasn't a joke, it was a figure of speech. For example, there is a flood of improved photos and most of the souvenir photos that are taken are photos that surpass 'the real world photos' ( the manmade picture world) and I think you will understand the accumulation of things as a figure of speech...However if you think about it a little harder, this doesn't seem a figure of speech at all..the world exists as photos.

This fundementally is understandable. The camera doesn't add something to the real world, nor carries out motions. This is what the real world does in the camera. Infiltrations of light are accepted and become a fixture. This light advancement is restrained in cameras and some materials are fixed. When there is no camera, the real life exists as a seethru photo or exists as things appearing from a black filter. For example, let's say we have 1 pen. The photo of this pen (form a camera) using the light from the pen from the degree and the distance you wish, it is possible to take a photo. And if you think about the opposite way, even if you didn't take a photo with a camera, you could say this pen photograph (pen image) exists using the degree and distance.

The photos taken by a camera ( the results of a machine working facing real life) and the images which are man made end up like an illusion. You end up thinking this created image and the real world resembles each other. This is a ridiculous thought. A photo is one state of real life and real life exists as one aspect of light. We shouldn't necessarily laugh at Oohara Shoukou's 'yuutai idatsu' because this exists as a photo and the truth is that the invention of photos are with us.

We cannot necessarily say the development photographic culture through cameras of the C19th plus is 'vision culture'. This is one of the real life's existing features which make an impression. Roran Baruto and his 'Bright Room' is one of the previous works. While reading Baruto, we have to rethink about the renewed photo madness......