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Owing to the fact that every month our reporters go to various places to be on location, I'd like to introduce our report to the readers through Interactive!


The car is fitted with an antenna which automatically links up with the satellite. The portable power pack is, well you know already, the reason being its the only one we have ! (laugh) Powerbook 540c. It is equipped with a PCMCIA module, so we are able to write directly using the introduced SSFDC from the PC card adaptor. This is so easy!!!
It is a fact that a newer Power Pack and a more lighter compact machine would be better, but there are no funds!! Is there someone out there who would like to give us some assistance??!!

Anyway, the special item this time is kayaking. Correctly speaking, the type in which you put together is called a Feltboard, A K-2 Expedition Feather Craft. The Editor purchased with his own last penny ( actually a loan) never even having kayaked before. (I suppose it's like buying a porsche just after getting your license!). So, I decided to ask an expert to accompany me. Because we were going into unknown land, an Enpecks barometer handy GPS was also fitted. It doesn't give a map, but because the road which is taken is stored in the memory, it means that if you get lost, you can go back to where you came from.

Also the car, the 1986 Mercedes Benz 190 D2-5 is also quite special. It runs on the new released VDF (Vegetable Diesel Fuel). This is fuel that has been purified from the oil discarded processing household tempura oil, also sulphur oxide (SOx), so its fuel that doesn't let out black smoke, making it environmentally friendly. If you have a double valve car, it's usable without remodelling it and the power is the same as other types. It is not light oil originally, (the tax on it is consumer tax) so you can store it in a polytank without any problems. (The author holds a license for carrying and dealing with dangerous objects). So with this we went around Hokkaido.


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