No matter how you look at the results of our first try at our interractive report, we can hardly say it was a success.
Thanks to all of your hard work everyone, I'm sorry.... But we will get over this and we look forward to sending our next interractive report.......
Also we look forward to your co-operation.....

Mt Fuji is a special place.
Even though it's a place of such a large scale, people with no mountain climbing experience can climb it. Of course even older people can be seen on the mountain!!

However, it is a mountain!
It's not a place to wear t-shirts, sneakers and climb up holding a lunchbox in your hand bought from a convenience store! The range of temperatures is severe.

Maybe it's not necessary for me to say but please think of it as a mountain, and remember to take home your rubbish. Don't stray off the mountain tracks and make sure you are well prepared to climb the mountain.

In particular, it is very dangerous if you stray off the mountain tracks because of falling rocks. Don't forget that many people have been killed by these in the past!

As a person who loves mountains, I just wanted to say these things.

We have plans to carry out another report from Mt Fuji next year. At the moment, I'm thinking of climbing Mt Fuji with other readers. Please contact me if you are interested.

Well next month is Hokkaido!
I'm waiting for your requests like...I'd like to know more about that place, I'd like to see that place etc.....