The sunset, after running back to the 7th mountain hut 'Miharukan' for the second night in a row. This is the image of 4:20 am.
The DS-7 can be recorded together with daylight hours so it's very handy. We picked up our lunch boxes from the mountain hut and headed for the peaks.

The sunrise. Wow! Thank you!!

Looking back, what a bizarre cloud!!

Looking down on the sea fog, eating our packed breakfast. So happy!! In the end it took us 2 hours less than expected to get to the top, including the time spent eating. We made a pretty good time. The third day has come and we're getting pretty used to resting. Incidentally, on the 2nd day, a part-time student took 4 hours from the 8th hut to the top.

Gathering place at the top.

Toilets cost 50 yen a time
The person on the right collected the money

At the top of Mt Fuji, there was a vending machine. However, 1 can cost 300 yen and for hot drinks, an extra 100 yen. Our time was running out to install at the top, hurrying we headed for the 7th mountain hut.

The camera we attached to the 7th hut 'Miharashikan'.
If you wave under the wooden gate, it will be transmitted to the world. The sunrise appears just at the right section of the gate, so we aimed for the best time of daybreak (about 4:30 am).

We lost the portable sattelite phone, so we decided to go back down the mountain. Running down the mountain track.

Here is the entrance to the mountain-climbing track.