This time we were on a request from NTT DoCoMo to install a camera that can receive and give internet signals from the peaks and surrounding area of Mt Fuji. But not only concentrating on this, we also had to think about our photo report. However one of the satellite portable phone units to install on the mountain broke down! So we decided to offer the machine parts that were intended for the interractive photo report.

Don't you think it's pretty amazing that we are able to send pictures through streamworks to the world from the top of Mt Fuji!!
The result of the streamwork machinery being installed meant that we were unable to send a report at all! I'm sorry!! Incidentally, I am writing this report on the night of the 3rd after getting down from Mt Fuji a little quicker than expected.

Because the machinery preparation took a long time yesterday, we missed the sunrise. Firstly, we installed a camera compatible to streamworks in the 7th hut named 'Miharukan' on the path to Mt Fuji. However it didn't go well, but before we knew it, time flew so fast, so we left it as it was and jumped on a bulldozer, heading for the peaks.

This was a frightening experience! I'm an author who hates heights and least to say once is enough for me! You really need gutsy human strength to climb Mt Fuji!!
We tried to install the camera for the peaks on top of a storing shed which was in the peaks area on the Yamanashi Prefecture side. However it was difficult.
Then the clouds looked threatening, and soon... it started spitting....we thought 'not looking good'! and then in growling thunder, it was decided that only the author should go back to the 7th hut.
It took 28 minutes....I don't have to mention that the lightening was frightening.. so I ran...ooh puffed!
The thunder finally came to an end after about 1 hour. I saw a little of the sunset.....