I suppose there are many times when I venture out to the waterside.I never get tired when I look at water when I'm walking, said Saburo Kawamoto the other day. For me - a person who grew up in a town of bridges and canals, I have a lot of special memories of things on the waterside. I think of them not only as Misora Hibari's 'Like the flow of the river', but also the changing of the seasons and my own personal growth.Since the time when the water in Tokyo's rivers got more beautiful, it seemsas if the scenery around the rivers got worse. Chimneys, factories, steam boats, cats and dogs carcasses, gifts to the gods wrapped in obon straw matting and condom wrappers were all part of waterside life.I can't get to like places such as Oyamizu Kooen and Odaeba as they seem asif they have been 'positioned' there so that people aren't able to come nearthe stagnation of people or everyday garbage. I think we have to go back toa calm and composed time!Maybe it's just because I became too infatuated with the time of the Showa 30 period. I've got a lot of grumbling.

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