Basic of Asian Movies 3

Asia Focus Fukuoka Film Festival - International Film Festival - Tokyo International Film Festival and the end of the Film Festival Run
There was an Indian film shown in Fukuoka. Mani Ratonam Director (photo) active pictures titled 'Bombay' and the songs and dances ar for 140 mins but the interesting story was the tribulations of love of a Hindu man and an Islamic woman, and the strife it caused on both families. This theme was comically portrayed in the first half with both families fighting in their own ways. But in the second half, the actual religious confrontation and violence in Bombay was portrayed. This may sound strange but, this kind of violence in a movie is real entertainment. The fire and sea hell got bigger and the camerawork where they used a crane to shoot the places where the family spread out to, plus the rythmical cuts and short chains helped make it a visual excitement.
Not being able to see th social verification of the violence, this kind of severity in scenes is the best way to overwhelmingly convey this type of film. Seriousness is one type of entertainment. I think Indian films will make a big impression in the future.
In 1993, India produced a total of 812 movies. The 3 big movie producing centres are Bombay, Madras and Calcutta- the first 2 being the principal ones. The film 'Bombay' as mentioned above is a Bombay produced entertainment movie and this is th biggest, most popular area for hindu movies within India. After its namesake, it is labelled 'Hollywood'. The leading actor and actresses are both stars and during filming a heartwrenching scene, suddenly an acrobatical musical scene starts. The song is taken care of by professional singers (playback singers) and actually they are superstars just like the actors in India. On a street corner in a cassette shop, people were lining up to buy the music. Once they remember the words of the song, they go to the movie. Everywhere in the town, location filming was taking place, and people would go on demonstration marches while singing the movie title song. It's a world where there is high tension in and out of the theatre.
There is a movie maker who is piercing the independant manufacturing market. One of the famous people of the Indian movie scene like the deceased Sanatajit Ray, was born in Bangalore where many other literary masters like Tagole were born. While employed at an advertising agency, the cameras rolled on sundays and he got a reputation for this in Europe becoming the Asian maestro after Kurosawa. India's southern Kerara province is known for its high level of education. Famous people such as a deceased famous wizard named Arabindan and a rat catcher Adole Goparakurishunan are independant movie artists who are the top stream of movie production in Torivandrum. Apart from the songs and dancing in these entertaining movies, the movie spirit on its own is not match for others.