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Mitsugu Oonishi

Hitoshi Shimozyo

This photograph that I took in the central of Oosaka, was taken to combine with my 'summer greetings' postcards, so there is one thing missing which is apparently obvious.
It's a shame there is only very simple borders - the area where the message goes. If I had a digital camera, I would probably take more photos with free areas.
With just the photograph, you can't really think of it becoming a 'summer greeting' photo.
On the screen of the small internet, I think the main subject is which photograph to concentrate on.

Mamoru Gomi on the 'Daikanyama'

Mr Gomi's photograph (I'm pretty sure it was carefully done by scanner) left a very favourable impression. He doesn't claim that he took the picture, the photo was taken and it just depicts the fact it exists. The reality of it was given a soft helping hand. So the picture is relying on the atmosphere. Having this kind of attitude makes the picture have a rather stoic expression, but the town is always living and this is what I want you to remember.

The letters to the editor were really quite sad!
I had thought there would be many more amateurish, not so impressionable photographs floating around on the net, but probably people were scared off thinking that their works would be looked at by others as supposedly art photography.
Essentially the only photos were those that I thought I would've liked to show Mr Araki to steal a look at!!

Because of this result, I would like to get away from the strange, boring media so exciting and stimulating railway photos are ok, nice family photos are fine, I wonder in time if serious photos will appear soon??