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Fragments of My Heart

The sun beat fiercely down today.
But as the sun goes down,there is a cool breeze.
A train goes by,I walk under a guardrail,
And a screeching sound echoes around me.
A cyclist on a bicycle with no lights,the sunlight spreading out on his back,
Forms a silhouette,
And goes past me.
Walking towards me,an old man,
Glares menacingly and comes closer.
I can't be bothered to glare back so I look away.
Soon I'll be back in my room.
The toes of both my feet hurt.
The shoes I bought recently don't fit properly.
It's such a nuisance!
Whenever I buy shoes,
I always get the wrong size the first time.
Lots and lots of shoes that don't fit but I can't seem to get myself to throw away,
Lie in the shoe racks and make me seem such a fool.
I really wish sometimes that,
I could have a much more forceful personality.
But then, those who are over forceful and only think of themselves,
Surround me in numbers.
On second thought,maybe I'm better off than them.

What's Important to You?

"What am I to you?"
I've often been asked.
Every man has his own individual qualities,
And I loved each and every one of them.
But in the end,it all comes down to the same line.
Comes out of his mouth like some kind of cliche,
And with those words,something closes off in my heart.

"Well,what am I to you then?"I ask in turn.
"I love you."
"I love you more than anyone else in the world."
"I want to protect you."
"I'd do anything for you."
Words or phrases like that.

I love the you that's reaching out to your dream,
The you that's desperately reaching out to the essence of you.
But your dream is merely a shadow,
And you don't even know who you really are.

I don't exist simply to encourage your dreams,@
And to protect you from your weakness.
Together,I want your desolation and my desolation,
To unite and become one.

Ultimately,what you don't have a clue about is,
That what's really important to you,is simply you.

Another Day Like That.

From the fields, a symphony
Of cicadas,sound in my ears.
Another night of tossing and turning.
I recall many things,
Many people.
People who were kind to me,
Embarrassing experiences,
Filter through my mind.
All those things I've done,
All those people I've met,lost touch with.
People I'll never see again.
Some feelings of regret,
some feelings of guilt.
Sometime,somewhere,in some way,
I'll repay those people who were kind to me.
In the slumbers of my mind,I wonder how I'll repay them,
As I doze off into the depths of sleep,
Another day like that.

MODEL: Wang Ying
Stylist: Zhao Qing
Hair & Make up: Noriko Sasaki
Translater: Mina Shibahara