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When I'm in the middle of such delicate sunlight,
my heart takes a rest
Behind me, busy people are rustling about
but I don't care.
Distancing myself from the city din
this kind of talk and chat
it's not a bad thing!

I beat that person, lost to that one
that person is good, that one bad,
the days are loud and frantic
roads are overflowing
useless words being said to me
not inside, nor out, not at the back, nor the front
but such a small thing
that people want, they
seem to be enjoying it

A sound of trickling water
a leaf is waving in the water
try to imagine it's wavering appearance
slowly it floats down, time..
the sunlight delicately appears from somewhere
a shadow appears on the tatami
is that my shadow?
stretching to the porch, to the side of the gate
the bright midday sunlight hits it
over there
elongating itself, the shadow
trying to stop the shadow from going away, me

To the beach

In my heart, I have frustrating and anxious memories
step by step they disappear into the sand
one by one my footprints remain
then they disappear with the waves.
one step, another step
I try hard to
leave my footprints

My heart is shaking
my past days
my mother used to take me by the hand
and walked
in old, black and white photographs
knowing nothing, not being frightened of anything
following my mother's shape
3 year old me

Today as well, the sky is cloudy
like that photograph
the fast wave, wets my barefeet
that feels good
the town has changed a lot
I get the feeling that people's faces, shapes, clothes,
have changed a lot.

That shape, that behind
I think that it will not turn back and
look at me again
the person who took that photo
that was probably my father
felt from afar, that rocky mountain
was there a place like that
even though I didn't hope for anything
I've come this far

Seaweed, small bottles and sticks being washed ashore glass fragments
sunlight peaks out from the clouds to my face
this is opposed
afar, seabirds are astir
It's really summer!!

Afar somebody
is calling someone
even there is no reason for me to be called
even though I know this
I turn around
while my footsteps stagger from left to right
but they are not erased by waves, they continue
a small dog weaves in and out of the spaces
between my footprints, running around

An old man throws some driftwood into the sea
the dog speeds after it
getting that wet from the wave
by just shaking himself off
his normal face returns
being patted by the old man, looking so content running around.

My heart quivers
waves crash into each other, white foam
waves wet the sand, then pulls it in with it
the sunlight hits the sand
and leaves it sparkling


I am always selfish towards you
Not waving to you even if we meet on the street
I try to make you notice me
I try to be noticed by you
Your worthy smiling face is always beside me
You have been protecting me without noticing
I have been spoilt by the way you have looked over me
I never doubted that you were always looking out for me
But truthfully I was worried that I would lose your kindness
This made me puzzled and anxious
My words are clumsy, like heroin's effect
I wish I could stretch out to the shape of your self confidence
to the side of you, but I can't
It was raining, trees on the street became wet
I was near the glass window of a cafe
intently watching the pattern of an umbrella rushing by
spending time
repeating the words within
I never doubted that you would come someday
a silhouette similiar to yours, a lady holding an
umbrella on the other side of the street,
only around that area, people seeming to walk warmly
I rush out of the shop, that profile seems somehow doubtful
turning around to look at me
my hand holding the umbrella
somehow was cold.

MODEL: Wang Ying
Stylist: Zhao Qing
Hair & Make up: Noriko Sasaki