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detenidos, quieto, clavado, playa

From the beginnings of time technology progress has determined the way of life and the way we comprehend the world and human expression; Science,Culture and Philosophy have traveled the same road. However, this phenomenon is clearer and stronger with Internet.
This communication media offers great possibilities as in the project Internet Photo Competition, where photography and cyberspace get together in a perfect way. This is the last step of the great highway of communication:Culture and information are easy and fast to obtain in any part of the world.
However, this doesn't mean that the world has to be homogeneous, but that each part will learn from their differences. Each person will find the difference in similar ideas, which will help to establish the beginning of a horizontal culture. A Mexican photographer obtaining a prize in Japan is an irrefutable argument of what I have mentioned.
Through my images and my Latin-American reality, I am giving meaning to an idea or subject trying to think in how the other part of the world thinks. Your culture and your conception of the world are giving a prize to my photographies. Everybody around the world will be able to see these images and will contribute with their interepretations and ideas.
I congratulate you and myself, I think that we are going in the right direction. Internet is not the future. It is the right tool for the present.