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Owing to the fact that every month our reporters go to various places to be on location, I'd like to introduce our report to the readers through Interactive!

There are many deserted islands in the Southern Islands!!

We, the team that gathers materials are flying to the small islands in Okinawa (Iriomotejima) in search for some deserted islands.!!
Will we be able to meet the abundant mountain cats I wonder!!??
Read on.....!!

The equipment we used this time
The camera is the familiar Fujifilm DS-7. Apparently a new model has been released but the old and faithful one does the trick.
As for data communications, we are using the same NTT DoCoMo satellite mobile telephone as we used at Mt Fuji and Hokkaido. If you have one of these, you can telephone anywhere in Japan providing there are no barriers in the direction of 45degrees south. We can't of course use a mobile phone, so in Iriomotejima where the public phones can be counted on one hand, I'm sure it will try our manpower!!
The mobile power source was the, yes you know, the one we've only got!..the PowerBook 540c. The modem is of course equipped with the PCMCIA module so the SSFDC (has the name changed recently), which mediates between the PC card adaptor ,can be directly read. This is so easy !!! Of course a later model powerbook or a more lighter compact machine would be better, but the funds are just not there!! Is there anybody out there that could support us in some way??

We are heading to an area of deserted islands, so we have the Enpeks barometer handy GPS faced 38J. Maps are not shown but the direction travelled is stored in its memory and we are able to back track if lost...(supposedly!)